Meet some of our Hypoxettes who have had great results from Hypoxi! We have so many different reasons why people come to do Hypoxi with us. You may just be starting out on becoming active and trying to lose weight or you might be super fit and just struggling with one area of your body that won't budge. No matter the reason -new mum, bride to be or just going on a holiday- you can get great results on your lower body with Hypoxi! It's faster and more time efficient than any other exercise. Plus you will get a bonus of firmer more toned skin. 

Lisa king.jpg

Super Fit Lisa

The gorgeous Lisa King competes in body building bikini competitions both in Australia and the US. She came in to do Hypoxi just to target the smart area around her butt and thighs. She looked amazing! Just inspiring to see Hypoxi get results on someone who was already so fit and toned. Lisa did 2 sessions per week with the HDC suit and S120..


New Mum Kylie

Meet our gorgeous new mum Kylie! Kylie was one of our first clients and started Hypoxi with us before her engagement party and looked amazing. After having Ivy she was back with us as soon as she was cleared to exercise. She looks absolutely amazing and we love having little Ivy in with us while her mum pedals away!


Superstar Rebecca

The gorgeous Bec did a 3 month program with us and then moved to 3 sessions every fortnight. With no major changes to her diet and no other exercise these photos are 9 months apart. In 9 months she lost 17kgs and 95cms and looks amazing!